Horstman is known as an armoured vehicle suspension systems provider. After being awarded the Boxer contract company will continue providing combat mobility solutions in support of British and allied forces and clearly demonstrates our increased potential as a company of the RENK group.


Horstman has announced to be selected to provide a complex gearbox in support of the British Army’s Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle programme / Photo: Horstman

Horstman is known for the decade’s long relationship with the key German prime contractors and UK integration sites for Boxer. The company has tried and tested links to the RBSL Telford team and looks forward to working with WEFL on this landmark programme for the UK.

Threaded throughout Horstman’s employees are a number of ex-military personnel, well versed in working with the British Army and industry alike. Horstman’s supply chain and customer base are well established and experienced across multiple countries and vehicles. As well as strengthening our ongoing European collaborations, this award and anticipated follow-on work on the UK Boxer gearbox programme will create or sustain up to 20 skilled roles.

/Based on the Horstman’s press release