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5 Best Value ATN Rifle Scopes Under €1500

ATN is a leading manufacturer of daytime optics, smart night vision, and thermal vision technology. The innovative features and ergonomic designs of its rifle scopes, binoculars, and monoculars have made them a household name in hunting circles. Yet, despite supplying serious optics for professional hunters, the high-end features and advanced technologies from their premium products flow through to their more affordable equipment designed for the rest of us.


In this article, our experts review five of ATNs high-quality, inexpensive rifle scopes that offer outstanding value for budget-conscious hunters, coming in at prices under €1,500.

Night Vision or Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN offers two rifle scope categories, their smart ultra high-definition day/night range and their thermal scopes. Your selection between these categories depends on the conditions prevailing when you hunt.

Day/Night Vision Rifle Scopes

ATNs ultra high-definition day/night scopes provide a dual-purpose capability, allowing you to switch between day and night operations effortlessly. If you’re hunting in dim light or your day spills over into the evening, a day/night rifle scope is perfect for open ground or light foliage. The light intensification technology enhances the image, giving outstanding target recognition packaged in a lightweight and compact rifle scope.

The X-SIGHT range of smart digital day/night vision riflescopes comprises the 4K Pro series and the LTV range. The 4K PRO range is technology heavy and provides an impressive features list, while the LTV is a capable, more budget-friendly rifle scope that offers only essential features.

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes

ATNs thermal rifle scopes also offer a day/night capability without relying on available light. The thermal imaging sensor measures the relative heat signature of each object in the field of view. A thermal rifle scope is your preferred choice when hunting takes you to areas of dense foliage and tall grass, or your hunting conditions are affected by heavy overcast, complete darkness, smoke, or dust. Thermal technology helps to locate game that is still or hidden in conditions a day/night scope would struggle to perform.

The MARS range of thermal scopes consists of the MARS 4 series and the LT range. The MARS 4 series boasts an extensive range of technology, while the LT range offers access to thermal technology in a lightweight and wallet-friendly rifle scope designed for short-range hunting.


5 Best Affordable ATN Rifle Scopes Under €1500

The following five models are our experts’ picks of the best affordable rifle scopes from the ATN range under €1,500.


The X-SIGHT LTV 5-15X is an ultra-lightweight day/night scope with a list price of €769, yet the build quality and features are what you’d expect for a much higher price. The 5-15X provides a 240′ or 5-degree field of view at 1,000 yards. Powered by ATNs Obsidian LT Core processor, you get a high-definition display at 1280 x 720 pixels with the ability to record your through-lens sight picture at the same high definition at 30 frames per second. Built from hardened aluminium alloy and boasting impact-resistant electronics, the 5-15X can be used on high calibre weapons that would damage rifle scopes of lesser quality.

The 5-15X weighs only 780 grams and uses standard 30mm rings for mounting, with a 90mm eye relief. With ultra-low power consumption, you get over 10 hours of continuous use before needing to recharge the internal lithium-ion battery via a USB Type-C charging port. Other features include:

  • An enhanced night vision mode.
  • A one-shot zero capability.
  • Multiple reticle patterns.


  • Incredible value
  • Low weight
  • Night vision capability
  • Takes up to 64 GB Micro SD card
  • Infra-red illuminator included
  • Weather resistant


  • No Bluetooth capability
  • No ballistic calculator
  • No rangefinder


The 4K PRO 3-14X is one of ATNs high-end day/night rifle scopes, yet it still boasts a price of only €899, despite the huge range of technology packaged into some clever features. The 3-14X has a 460′ field of view or 9 degrees at 1,000 yards and uses a 4K ultra-high-definition sensor of 3864 x 2218 pixels. The 4K PRO series of scopes offer a 1080p resolution for video recording with a choice of 30, 60, or 120 feet per second, with a microphone included. In addition to an enhanced day/night mode, you also get Bluetooth capability and WiFi for streaming, viewing, or controlling the scope on an iOS or Android device.

Additional features of the 3-14X include a ballistics calculator, built in range finder, recoil-activated video, and an electronic compass. The battery life is a staggering 18-plus hours. A smart mil-dot reticle is dynamic throughout the magnification range while allowing you to program the variance between the hash marks. There is a wide range of reticle patterns and colors available. Offering the same mount and 90mm eye relief of the LT range, the 3-14X weighs just 1.01 kg despite the impressive package of features and technology.


  • A ballistic calculator computes environmental conditions, weapon profile, and angle-to-target.
  • Dual stream video to SD card and live streaming simultaneously
  • Recoil activated video
  • Smart Mil Dot reticle
  • Over 18 hours of continuous use


  • Heavier than the LTV rifle scopes
  • Slightly more expensive than the LTV range


The 4K PRO 5-20X is another high-end day/night rifle scope from ATN containing all of the features of the 3-14X we’ve just looked at but at the higher variable magnification range for longer ranges or smaller game. Despite being packed with technology, ATN has managed to keep the price down on this rifle scope, with a sticker price of €999. The 5-20X has a 240′ field of view or 5 degrees at 1,000 yards and uses the same Mk 4 sensor at 3864 x 2218 pixels you’ll find in all the 4K PRO rifle scopes.

Maximum continuous use exceeds 18 hours on the internal lithium-ion battery, and like all ATN hunting scopes, the body is hardened aluminium alloy and uses impact-resistant electronics to cope with heavy calibre weapons. All 4K PRO rifle scopes share the same extensive features: Bluetooth capability, ballistic calculator, dual video streaming, smooth zoom, recoil-activated video, and a built in rangefinder. Reticle selection encompasses multiple patterns and colors, and the smart mil-dot feature allows you to easily adjust the hash mark variance. Despite the greater magnification of the 5-20X, the weight of this rifle scope remains at only 1.01 kg.


  • Powerful Obsidian IV Dual Core processor
  • IR Illuminator included
  • Accepts a snap-on auxiliary ballistic laser for long-range hunting
  • Compatible with the ATN radar feature for situational awareness


  • 120 feet per second video is only available in day mode
  • Heavier and more expensive than ATNs LTV range of rifle scopes

ATN MARS LT 160 3-6X

The MARS LT 160 3-6X is from ATNs stable of production series lightweight and low-cost thermal scopes designed for close-range hunting. The LT 3-6X price tag is an amazingly low €1,199, considering that thermal technology is still expensive and beyond the reach of most amateur hunters. The sensor has a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and 17 µm, giving you great detection capability out to 475 meters. Recognition occurs at 240 meters and identification at 160.

You can select between showing either white or black as hot, with a high-definition screen resolution of 1280×720 pixels. ATN designed the 3-6X as the most lightweight of their more affordable thermal rifle scopes, weighing in at 650 grams, making it suitable for platforms where weight is crucial, like cross-bows and air rifles. Yet lightweight doesn’t mean fragile, with the LT 160 3-6X made of hardened aluminium alloy designed to take the impact from heavy calibre weapons. Like all ATN rifle scopes, the 3-6X boasts a one-shot zero feature with a low power consumption to give over 10 hours of continuous use on one battery charge.


  • Extremely low price for thermal imaging technology
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for close-range hunting


  • Lower detection range than the MARS LT 160 4-8X thermal scope

ATN MARS LT 160 4-8X

Think of the MARS LT 160 4-8X as the older sibling of the 3-6X we’ve just reviewed. Offering a greater range of magnification, the 4-8X is one of the best thermal hunting scopes for the money, with a price of just €1,399. The magnification improves detection, recognition, and identification ranges at 625, 315, and 210 meters, respectively. Yet the increased range and magnification haven’t increased the weight, with the 4-8X still only weighing 650 grams.

Like the 3-6X, the LT 160 4-8X offers multiple reticle patterns, over 10 hours of continuous use, and recharging via a USB Type-C connector. Both the LT thermal scopes mount using 30mm standard rings, provide 90mm eye relief, and are weather resistant.


  • Sub-€1,500 price tag
  • Lightweight for weight-critical platforms
  • Low power consumption


  • Can’t compete with the ATN MARS LT 320 series rifle scopes for detection ranges


While technological advancements have added previously unthought-of capabilities to modern rifle scopes, such features come at a cost. However, when manufacturers like ATN produce high-end hunting optics, some of the expensive features from those premium products will inevitably flow through to cheaper production rifle scopes. While not as feature-rich as their expensive cousins, the X-SIGHT LTV range of day/night scopes and the MARS LT series of thermal scopes provide best-in-class performance at a price point that puts such technology within reach of us all.


The five rifle scopes we’ve reviewed today are, in our opinion, the best rifle scopes for hunting that you can buy for under €1500, including two thermal scopes when thermal imaging technology is usually notoriously expensive. If you’re seeking an affordable rifle scope for close-range with night vision capability, you can’t ignore ATNs X-SIGHT range. However, if your hunting takes you into adverse environmental conditions or where long grass and foliage are common, the MARS LT series of affordable thermal imaging scopes place capable entry-level thermal imaging within your reach.


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