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Articles by: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

MSPO 2021: Bell offers capabilities beyond AH-1Z for Poland


Polish Ministry of Defence conducts proceedings to select new combat helicopter for Polish armed Forces. Bell Helicopter is one of…

MSPO 2021: MBDA is ready to cooperate with Polish Industry


MBDA is presenting company offer both for Polish short-range air defence system Narew and costal defence frigate Miecznik

WB Group priority is the Polish Armed Forces modernization process, interview with the CEO, Piotr Wojciechowski


Piotr Wojciechowski, CEO of the WB GROUP, in an interview with MILMAG Military Magazine presents the prospects and challenges facing…

Polish Leopard 2PL modernization delayed


Despite great expectations regarding the modernization of a fleet of 142 Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks (MBT) to the 2PL…

Poland priorities its modernization goals


The Polish Ministry of Defense (MoD) outlined a number of priority modernization programmes, which are expected to significantly enhance country’s…

Can M-346FA replace Su-22?


Light, multi-purpose M-346FA planes could become an inexpensive solution to increase strike potential of the Polish Air Force, persuaded representatives…

Grot C16A2 in Polish Army


Advantages of modularity vs “user’s error”

Poland’s 20th NATO anniversary


When Bill Clinton, the former president of the USA, visited Warsaw in 1994, he stated that NATO’s extensions to Eastern…

Horstman suports the British Army’s Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle programme


Horstman is known as an armoured vehicle suspension systems provider. After being awarded the Boxer contract company will continue providing

Orlik Reaches to the Sky


Airbus provides strong training capability to the Polish Air Force Manuel Heredia Ortiz, CEO, Airbus Poland S.A, outlines the progress…

WB Group Participating In Fight Against COVID-19


A meeting of representatives from multiple services, state institutions, and Polish manufacturers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) took place on…

COVID-19: Polish MoD’s procurements at the time of the pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic affected global economy in an unprecedented way. Particular countries, including Poland, have to face new challenges and…

„Short” GROT available in retail


Long awaited sport version of MSBS- 5.56K with short, 10.5-inch barrel entered the distributor’s offer without much publicity. The new…

Slovakia chooses Spike LR2 ATGM


Slovak Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with Eurospike for the supply of the 5th generation SPIKE LR2 ATGM

Diving scooters for Formoza


Poland's Formoza naval special unit purchased Rotinor Black Shadow 730 (SBS 730) diving scooters. Additional 10 scooters for scuba divers