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Articles by: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Opening of the AW149 Production Line at PZL-Świdnik


On June 4, 2024, a ceremony was held at the WSK PZL-Świdnik headquarters to inaugurate the production line for AW149 multi-role helicopters.…

Boeing opens Engineering Center in Poland


On June 3, 2024, Boeing officially launched a new engineering complex in Poland, significantly expanding its operations in the country. Engineers…

WB Group presented AMSTA SOF


During the POLSECURE trade fair, WB Group presented the latest variant of the AMSTA SOF perimeter protection system, designed for…

WB Group presents A4S FORCULUS


During the POLSECURE trade fair, the WB Group presented the A4S FORCULUS integrated security and protection system.

The Polish Border Guard receives the first Grot-7.62


During the POLSECURE fair, the Border Guard presented the first Grot-7.62N semi-automatic sniper rifle, which has been added to the equipment…

Singapore Airshow 2024: Terrex s5 Premiere


The Singaporean company ST Engineering has unveiled the latest variant of the wheeled infantry fighting vehicle Terrex S5. It is…

Rafel offers Trophy APS for Polish MBTs


Interview with Ariel Karo, VP of Marketing and Business Development in Rafael on possible technology implementation to the Polish Army.

AH-64 for Poland programme update


Boeing’s update on AH64E production capabilities and cooperation with Polish defence industry opportunities.

MSPO 2023: Rafael offers Poland more Spike ATGM capabilities


An interview with Dr. Robi Stark, Rafael Marketing & Business Development Manager concerning possible cooperation with the Polish defence industry…

MBDA role in Polish missile programmes, MSPO 2023 update


Update on the current progress in the Pilica+, Narew and Ottokar-Brzoza programmes.

Fabryka Broni reveals the Modular Semi-Automatic Pistol


During the first day of the XXXI International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO, Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom (FB Radom) presented for the…

WB Group Presents FONET-NAVY


During the press breakfast on August 17, 2023, the Management Board of the WB Group presented the latest projects developed…

HUNTeR with ZMU-03 turret debuts on training grounds


The unmanned PIAP HUNTeR vehicle equipped with the unmanned AREX ZMU-03 turret made its debut during experimental exercises (FEX) at…

Sabatti Urban Sniper –Minimalist Yet Versatile


There comes a moment in a shooter’s life when the temptation to start shooting at long range becomes irresistible. The natural consequence of…

AMSTA will defend the borders


Automated perimeter defense systems are the newest tool used to protect national borders and crucial infrastructure facilities, such as airfields, military…