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Articles by: Grzegorz Sobczak

“I believe that the military needs us and we need the military”, Jacek Lubucha, President of the Management Board of PZL-Świdnik.


“Poland, maintaining a large military, positioned on eastern flank of NATO, being in need of modernizing its aging air fleet based…

FONET System – New Enhanced Variant


The widely used system for integration of communication and data transmission named FONET perfectly meets today’s requirements of the armed…

AW139W for Polish Armed Forces coming from Polish factories


Incoming replacement of Polish Armed Forces’ helicopter fleet can be a chance for better use of Polish industrial potential. Polish Aviation…

AH-1Z – The Most Affordable Option of the US-made Combat Helicopter?


According to data included in a report of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), US Department of Defense, that among the US-manufactured…

FT-5 for Orlik Project?


On August 12, WB Group revealed a number of selected systems and products they will be promoting during this year’s International…

Silent Network


WB Group presented a new military communication system with a work name of “Silent Network”, designed to operate at a battalion-level. It was based…