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New PCO Optoelectronic Devices For The Polish Border Guard

Thermal monoculars, night vision, and thermal cameras – a total of 266 sets of new observation optoelectronic devices – have been delivered to the Border Guard officers. The value of the purchased equipment is nearly 14 million PLN.

On Sunday, January 14th, the Polish Border Guard Headquarters (KG SG) announced that its officers have received new thermal monoculars, night vision devices, and thermal cameras – a total of 266 sets of new optoelectronic equipment for observation. The value of the purchased equipment is nearly 14 million PLN. The devices were delivered by PCO, a company based in Warsaw that is part of the Polish Armament Group (PGZ).

Photos: KGSG Press Team

The purchased thermal and night vision devices are of types that have been used by the Polish Border Guard for several years. They have gained recognition among the users – the officers of the force. Non-cooled thermal cameras NPL-1T, thermal monoculars MT-1, and night vision monoculars MU-3AM allow for conducting observations in nighttime conditions. They are used by the officers performing daily tasks of border protection and special operations alike. These devices enable early threat detection, observation, and identification of individuals at greater distances. The ergonomic design of the equipment and its lightweight nature make it easier to use in the field.

Additionally, the thermal binocular NPL-1T offers the capability of image recording and can also cooperate with other devices. The thermal image is displayed on two OLED screens or can be sent through a digital video output to an external display or monitor. NPL-1T can capture photos and short videos in its internal memory, which can be then transferred to a computer. This feature enhances the situational awareness of users and provides the opportunity for more effective documentation of events.

The purchased equipment consists of:

  • 41 sets of night vision monoculars MU-3AM Koliber.
  • 190 sets of thermal monoculars MT-1.
  • 35 sets of non-cooled thermal cameras NPL-1T.

The agreement made on October 16, 2023, for MU-3AM Koliber has a gross value of 2,269,350 PLN, with a unit price of 55,350 PLN gross for each night vision monocular. Meanwhile, the contract for MT-1 on October 23, 2023, has a gross value of 1,948,320 PLN, with a unit price of 48,708 PLN gross for each thermal monocular. On October 26, 2023, 35 thermal binoculars NPL-1T Agat were ordered.

MU-3AM Koliber

MU-3AM is currently one of the lightest night vision devices in the world. Its weight without batteries is only 265 grams. Thanks to the use of modern aspherical optics, the device is also significantly shorter than previously produced monoculars – its total length is 97 mm. The night vision device can work in conjunction with the thermal attachment ClipIR, thus enabling observation in an image fusion mode combining night vision and thermal.

It is also possible to mount two MU-3AM devices on a bridge and use them as night vision goggles (MU-3ADM) for vehicle drivers. The monocular can be mounted on any type of helmet. The MU-3AM monocular can also cooperate with a weapon-mounted collimator sight, creating a night vision aiming system.


The MT-1 thermal monocular is a new addition to the PCO product line designed for individual users. It is also one of the smallest and lightest devices of its kind in the world. Despite its small size and weight, it provides excellent image quality.

The core of the monocular is a 12µm bolometric matrix with a resolution of 640×480, working in conjunction with electronic components responsible for image processing and display on an OLED screen. This innovative technical solution allows it to be used as a handheld observation device or as a module attached to the MZN-1 goggles.

MT-1 can also be used with all the accessories of the MU-3M monocular, significantly expanding its capabilities. Thermal monoculars enable officers to conduct observations in both nighttime and daytime conditions, regardless of the weather.

NPL-1T Agat

The thermal binocular NPL-1T Agat allows for observation of the surroundings during both day and night, even in conditions of reduced visibility. The design solutions and advanced thermal image processing methods employed in the binocular have resulted in exceptional thermal image quality while simultaneously reducing weight and energy consumption.

The thermal image is presented on two OLED displays or can be transmitted through a digital video output to an external head-mounted display or monitor. The binocular enables image capture in its internal memory with the option to transfer images to a computer. Its primary power source is four AA batteries, but it can also be powered by an external source within a wide voltage range. NPL-1T is compatible with military GPS receivers, allowing the display of geographic coordinates and time on the screen.

The binocular is equipped with an additional optical attachment that doubles the image magnification. Additionally, the NPL-1T binocular enables approximate distance measurement to a target with a height of 1.75 meters.

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Source: Polish Border Guard


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