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PLN 1.5 billion for optoelectronics from PCO

The Armament Agency signed a contract worth approximately 1.5 billion PLN (375 million USD), including optional purchase, with PCO, a company within the Polish Armaments Group, for the delivery of goggles and shooting night vision devices for the Polish Armed Forces.

On Wednesday, March 27th, another contract was concluded for the delivery of goggles and night vision sights for the Polish Armed Forces. The subject of the agreement, concluded between the State Treasury – Armament Agency and PCO from Warsaw, is the delivery of approximately 2 thousand MU-3M, MU-3AM, and MU-3ADM night vision goggles, as well as approximately 2 thousand PCS-5M passive night vision sights.

Photo: Ministry Of National Defense/PCO

The total value of the purchase, including the optional order for nearly 10 thousand additional night vision goggles and over 3 thousand PCS-5M night vision sights, amounts to approximately 1.5 billion PLN gross (375 million USD). Deliveries will begin in the current year and will be completed by the end of 2027.

This is another contract for the supply of night vision equipment for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces signed in recent years with the Polish manufacturer of optoelectronic products, PCO.

As a result of contracts concluded between 2016-2022, several thousand sets of MU-3 family night vision goggles and PCS-5/1 (PCS-5M) passive night vision sights were purchased for the Operational Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces. The previous contract was concluded on June 24, 2022.

The miniaturized goggles MU-3ADM and MU-3AM are advanced passive night vision devices. They are characterized by a compact and exceptionally lightweight design, robustness, and reliability in field conditions, as well as excellent detection, recognition, and identification parameters.

MU-3AM goggles can be mounted on a helmet, headgear harness, as well as on firearms on a MIL-STD-1913/STANAG 2324 standard accessory rail. The MU-3M night vision goggles were introduced into the Polish Armed Forces by order No. 178 issued by the Chief of the Armed Forces Support Inspectorate on October 8, 2008, while the MU-3AM and MU-3ADM were introduced by order No. 64 dated May 24, 2016. Those goggles are used by soldiers of the Land, Special, and Territorial Forces.

The PC-5/PC-5M Garbo passive night vision sights are characterized by a magnification of 2.2 times, a field of view greater than 12 degrees, an objective focusing range from 5 m to infinity, an XD4/XR5 image intensifier, and a diopter adjustment range from -4 to +4 dpt. The device is powered by a 3.6V lithium battery or a D123 3.0V battery, with the former ensuring a 30-hour operating time at normal temperature (the operating temperature range is from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius). The night vision device weighs approximately 1450 g and is mounted on a universal MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny mounting rail for 7.62mm firearms and anti-tank grenade launchers with a side aiming system.

Another order for the Polish industry. Today Armament Agency concluded a contract worth one and a half billion złoty with PCO for the delivery of a new batch of night vision goggles and night vision sights. Equipping the Polish soldier with modern equipment is our priority – Paweł Bejda.

Optoelectronics for the Polish army.

The contract signed today, worth approximately PLN 1.5 billion gross, assumes the delivery of approximately 2,000 in the years 2024-2027. MU-3M, MU-3AM and MU3ADM night vision goggles and approx. 2 thousand PCS-5M shooting night vision devices.

The above contract provides for the activation of an optional order for over 10 thousand additional goggles and night vision devices. Deliveries will begin and will be completed by the end of 2027 – Armament Agency.

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