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MAPA Tactical On Euro Target Show 2024

During the Euro Target Show 2024, at the MAPA Tactical booth, two new products were presented: the MAPA PLHO-MA-01 helmet cover and the MAPA KD-01 pouch/waist bag.

Pokrowiec MAPA PLHO-MA-01

The PLHO-MA-01 cover is made of Cordura and designed for LHO-01 helmets. It features a total of 4 hook and loop panels on its surface, allowing for the attachment of additional accessories or patches. Additionally, an elastic shock cord is used at the top panel location to stabilize the mounted equipment.

Photos: Michał Ihnatów, MILMAG

To help with cable organization, numerous grommets are provided. There is a pocket for counterweights or a power source for helmet-mounted accessories on the rear panel. To complement the lost mounting surface, it is covered with an additional hook and loop fastening panel.


Dangler Pouch MAPA KD-01

This is an admin pouch designed to be attached at the bottom of ballistic armor carriers (near the entry for plate inserts), which can be converted into a classic waist bag using the included belt

The main compartment is lined with velour, allowing for easy mounting of holsters or organizers (such Helikon-Tex or Tasmanian Tiger). An additional zippered pocket is located on the back wall of the interior, which can accommodate a small-sized ballistic insert. The opening angle of the pocket is limited by an adjustable length cord.

At the front, there is a pocket closed with two splash-proof zippers and a wide panel with hook-and-loop fastener patch and MOLLE system openings. Elastic pass-throughs for accessories (e.g., chemical lights) are distributed on the sides and bottom of the panel. At the bottom of the pouch, there are two sections of elastic bands where items like a tourniquet can be stored. The last pocket, located at the back of the Dangler, is used to store the mounting panel when using it as a waist bag.

Made of Cordura material and laminate, it will be available in Ranger Green color as well as in the MAPA camouflage.

More information coming soon on the manufacturer’s official website.

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