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Helikon-Tex presents the Concealed Carry belt

Helikon-Tex presents the Concealed Carry belt. Made from durable BioThane material, it has a width of 38 mm and features a classic buckle.

Concealed Carry Belt

The Concealed Carry belt is designed for carrying firearms in concealed inside or outside holsters. Since it is intended for everyday wear, its width is only 38 mm. Made from BioThane material, it is available in two variations, differing in surface texture (plain or patterned).

Plain version

Patterned Black version

The circumference adjustment is done using a classic buckle. The belt is made from BioThane material, which is based on a polyester webbing coated with a thin layer of PVC. This material is resistant to stretching forces up to 1588 kg, making it capable of sustaining firearms weight and more. For this reason, the material is also used in the production of dog accessories (such as collars and leashes).

The belt is available in six sizes, intended for people with a waist circumference ranging from 76 to 114 cm (from S to XXXL). Its weight is 240 g.

Both variations are now available on the official Helikon-Tex website for 57.90 USD or 49.99 EUR.

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