As MILMAG found out, Territorial Defence Forces (Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej, WOT) will receive 40 MSBS-5,56K rifles and 40 of PR-15 semi-automatic pistols within a month of signing the contract. These weapons, developed by Fabryka Broni from Radom, are a part of Polish individual combat system Tytan. Contract between Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and WOT was signed at the Pro Defense show in Ostroda.

Introduction of MSBS-5,56K into the Territorial Defence Force will hasten the re-arming of the main forces as well / Photos: Remigiusz Wilk

Introduction of MSBS-5,56K into the Territorial Defence Force will hasten the re-arming of the main forces as well / Photos: Remigiusz Wilk

Interestingly, each MSBS-5,56K rifle will be equipped with DCM-1 Szafir (Sapphire) sight produced by Warsaw-based PCO company. This system consists of a 4x scope and a red-dot attached to the scope`s tube. Additionally, WOT soldiers will benefit from new integrated vests, HBK-01 helmets and new uniforms, manufactured by PSO Maskpol.

New equipment testing became available for WOT as a result of Minister of National Defence decision no. 92/MON, signed on 28 April 2017. It enables the commander of the formation to make independent decisions in regards to new equipment trials

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is planned to sign a contract for up to 1,000 MSBS-5,56K rifles after the testing period with TDF. This can happen before the end of 2017. With this agreement in mind, Armament Inspectorate stopped negotiations with Fabryka Broni pertaining to 3-year contract (2017-2019) for delivery 53.492 wz. 96C Beryl rifles and 3,842 wz. 96C Mini Beryl carbines. It is unknown at this stage, whether this contract will be fulfilled or changed completely.

Weapons that will come to the Territorial Defence Force are part of 100 test units. MSBS-5,56K rifles are already under evaluation in Military Police Special Units (Oddzialy Specjalne Zandarmerii Wojskowej, OSZW) and in three of Special Forces units. Trialed variants include basic MSBS-5,56K rifle with 406 mm long barrel and a conversion variant with 254 mm long barrel. Moreover, special forces tactical groups serving in current theaters will also be involved in the testing.

As MILMAG found out, Special Forces soldiers like the MSBS-5,56K rifles. The main pointed out advantage is the location of the mounts for accessories rails and ease of maintenance and barrel exchange. As to disadvantages, Special Forces noted that the trigger is a bit too hard. This was forced by the Land Forces specifications. Also H&K HK416, currently used by Special Forces, had their triggers modified, which affects the perception of MSBS-5,56K trigger.

Soldiers from GROM unit also proposed a small change in fire selector lever. Currently it travels in 45 degrees’ arc. Operators would like it to travel full 90 degrees, just as in M4. This proposition was strengthened by the accidental changes from safe to full auto that happened on trials. This is not a complicated modification and could be carried out straight away because of MSBS-5,56 modular design.

Fabryka Broni from Radom is already planning a special model named MSBS-5,56S. It will be destined for Special Forces and will be modified according to their wishes. As the weapon is modular, those changes will be easy to implement.