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Milrem Robotics In Poland

On July 2 of this year, the official opening of the Polish branch of the Estonian company Milrem Robotics took place in Warsaw.

Milrem Robotics is an Estonian company specializing in the development of robotic technologies for use in the defense industry. These are mainly robotic platforms carrying remotely controlled weapon systems provided by other entities.

“Our company currently employs about 300 people in branches in several European countries. In addition to Estonia, we have branches in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Poland,” said Kuldar Väärsi, founder and CEO of Milrem Robotics, in an interview with MILMAG magazine.

As Kuldar Väärsi notes, Milrem Robotics has been present in Poland since 2021. Since then, the operations have grown to a size that justifies the creation of a separate branch in our country.

Participants of the ceremony for the opening of the Milrem Robotics branch in Poland
Photo: Grzegorz Sobczak, MILMAG

The company has expanded in the last few years. For example, the Dutch branch was established in 2020. According to Kuldar Väärsi, the Polish branch employs 21 people, the vast majority of whom are young engineers, graduates of Polish universities.

“Poland has a very strong defense industry. We cooperate with several Polish entities. For example, we are working together with PIAP in one of the European programs. We also cooperate with the Polish Armaments Group,” emphasized Kuldar Väärsi.

The Polish branch is not quite an office, instead it might be called a research and development unit. New solutions for autonomous systems developed by Milrem Robotics are designed and implemented here. In addition to the design bureau, there is also an extensive technical facility that allows for the construction of prototypes and the testing of developed technical solutions. One of the subjects being developed in Poland will be autonomous control systems for vehicles operating in rough terrain.

According to Milrem Robotics representatives, the Polish branch is intended to serve as a hub for the development of innovative solutions and collaboration, concentrating engineering talent from the region. Advanced robotic systems that meet the needs of the Estonian company’s clients will be designed and developed here.


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