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Jelcz is training future personnel

On July 3 of this year, Jelcz (pronounced ‘yelch’), a part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), and the Jan Kasprowicz School Complex in Jelcz-Laskowice signed a cooperation agreement aimed at jointly preparing young people to enter the labor market.


On Wednesday, July 3, 2024, Jelcz, a company that is part of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), and the Jan Kasprowicz School Complex in Jelcz-Laskowice signed a cooperation agreement. The aim of this agreement is to jointly prepare young people to enter the job market. The company will support vocational training for students in the professions of CNC machine operator, ironsmith, automotive mechanic, and painter.

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“For Jelcz, this is a very important agreement. We support education, but we also hope that the internship programs will help train professionals – specialists who are very much needed in our industry and our company. Having the right skills and qualifications is the key to success in the job market. I am convinced that thanks to our cooperation, young people will gain valuable experience that will make it easier for them to start their professional lives. I am pleased that Jelcz will also be involved in promoting vocational education here locally in the Jelcz-Laskowice area,” said Marcin Runowicz, President of Jelcz company.

The cooperation under the signed agreement will focus on improving the quality and effectiveness of vocational education and adapting it to developmental challenges and the needs of the local job market. This will be achieved through joint activities in the areas of curriculum development, expanding the scope and forms of practical vocational training in a real work environment, obtaining professional qualifications for students, providing career counseling and motivating students, and enhancing the qualifications of teachers.

The School Complex will provide education in professions that meet the company’s needs for skilled workers, ensure a properly prepared teaching staff for conducting theoretical and practical classes, and cooperate with the company in modifying curricula to update them according to the modern equipment, facilities, and technologies used in the plant. This will also align with the requirements and needs of the company regarding the future employment of graduates (Field tests of 3rd generation Jelcz vehicles).

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