Swedish branch of BAE Systems – BAE Systems Hägglunds – presented a demonstrator of the CV 90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) at the Eurosatory 2018 trade show in Paris.  The exhibited vehicle is the 5th generation, with production starting in 1991

New camo pattern covered the CV90 MkIV in Paris. /Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

New camo pattern covered the CV90 MkIV in Paris. /Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

IFV was developed by BAE based on experience gained from operation of from previous versions of CV90. The biggest change is the D series modular turret which can be equipped with a wide range of armament, from 30/40-mm and 35/50-mm autocannons up to 120-mm smooth-bore tank cannon.

Additional armament consists of Spike LR anti-tank guided missile launchers and a 7,62-mm machine gun with extended ammunition capacity. Turret also has digital fire controls and its sensor can be integrated into BAE Systems iFighting network. Everything was designed according to the most modern NGVA Standard Electronic Architecture practises and NATO standards.
This architecture allows for the more effective use of signals coming from the sensors. The information is processed in real time by so-called AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms and fed to the crew with the support of AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

IFV`s mobility was increased thanks to new drivetrain system and active dampening suspension, which changes its characteristic depending on the road surface. The vehicle is powered by a 1000 BHP Diesel engine mated to a modernized Caterpillar X300 gearbox. GVW was increased to 37 t.

Besides normal steel tread, CV90 MkIV can also be equipped (at client`s request) with a Soucy type composite treads. Lighter and quieter Soucy treads provide greater range and reduce vibrations. New IFV can be offered with a range of armor packages. It is also compatible with active systems, such as Israeli Iron Fist by IMI Systems, as previously used on Holland`s CV903NL vehicles.

Until now 1280 CV90s were delivered to 7 countries in 4 generations and 15 versions. Users include Denmark (45 of CV9035DK), Estonia (44 of CV9035EE), Finland (102 of CV9030FIN), Holland (193 of CV9035NL), Norway (144 of CV9030N/CV9030NF1), Sweden (509 of CV90, including 42 of CV9040C), and Switzerland (186 of CV9030CH). CV90 MkIV will be offered by BAE Systems to the Czech Republic. The offer will include cooperation with local industry. Czech armed forces are looking for a successor to 174 of obsolete BVP-2.