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Articles by: Michał Jarocki

Is there any hope for the Polish Navy’s submarine fleet?


The Polish Ministry of Defense intends to decommission two remaining Kobben-class conventional submarines, ORP Sep and ORP Bielik, by the end of…

NASA and SpaceX take a leap into the future


On 30th May NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley for the first time in history launched in a commercially built…

Latvia procures new tactical vehicles


The Latvian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has made a determination to procure a number of wheeled, tactical vehicles, as it identifies an urgent…

Has the Czech IFV programme just reached a dead-end?


In the face of an unprecedented economic crisis, which shortly might follow the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Czech Ministry of Defense…

Spike is a chance for Poland


Gal Papier, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Precision Tactical Weapon Systems Directorate in Rafael’s Land & Naval Division, talks…

Czech Armed Forces in the midst of technical modernization


With the goal set for procurement of a number of new, modern weapons systems in the next couple of decades, the…

F-35 for Polish Air Force


Polish Air Force enhances capabilities with a lightning strike acquisition In early September the U.S. State Department approved the sale of…

SAAB prioritizes Baltic Sea region


Jyrki Kujansuu, President SAAB Technologies Poland, VP and Manager Country Unit Poland&Baltic States talks with the MILMAG International magazine about…

USA enters a new Star Wars era


The US government has officially taken a new approach to the way in which it perceives the Space domain and what role…

Additional RPP robots delivered to the Polish Army


The Polish Army took delivery of another batch of RPP robots from the Lukasiewicz – PIAP (Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements) Institute.

Poland takes delivery of first Ford Ranger XLT vehicles


The Polish Ministry of Defense took delivery of the first batch of 100 Ford Ranger XLT tactical, all-terrain vehicles.

Polish AF withdraws TS-11 Iskra trainer jets


At the premises of the 41st Training Air Base in Deblin a withdrawal ceremony of the TS-11 Iskra bis A trainer aircraft was held.

Final delivery of Poprad AA systems in 2020


The Pit-Radwar company delivered the final batch of Poprad anti-aircraft missile systems provisioned for 2020.

New M-346 Bielik trainers in Poland


The Polish Air Force has taken delivery of additional two M-346 Bielik / Master advanced trainer aircraft.

Bulgaria gets closer to the OPV deal


The Bulgarian government might close the deal with the German Lürssen Werft GmbH on procurement of two offshore patrol vessels.

First ammunition supply vehicles for Rak mortar companies


The first two ammunition supply vehicles, which will support the 120mm mortar companies of the Polish Army, were delivered to the 17th Mechanized Brigade.