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New Wisport Products

Wisport, a backpack, bag, and accessory manufacturer from Poland, presents a total of six new products in this year’s catalog, including variations of popular backpack models with new capacity ranges, completely new designs, and a wearable lighting system.

Sparrow 40 - another member of the popular family

The Sparrow series is undoubtedly one of the most popular series from the Polish manufacturer. The collection, which includes variations with capacities of 10 (Sparrow Egg), 16, 20, 30 (Sparrow II and Sparrow 303), is expanded by a new model – Sparrow 40. As the name suggests, its capacity is 40 liters. It is worth noting that this is more than the capacity of the Whistler model (35 L).

Photos: Wisport

It can be noticed that the design constitutes an expansion of the second generation of Sparrows, being divided into two larger compartments. Despite this, solutions borrowed from the newer Sparrow 303 are visible. The MOLLE system on the lower part of the sides is replaced by pockets with drawstrings. The webbing has been completely abandoned on the front of the backpack, replaced by minimalist, vertically run straps (similar to the Dagger model). The carrying system is closer to the Sparrow 303 than the Sparrow II – the SAS system has been replaced by a panel made of contoured EVA foam. An addition, which appears for the first time in the series, is a full-fledged hip belt.

Official retail prices:

  • SPARROW 40 STANDARD (black, graphite, olive-green) 749,00 PLN
  • SPARROW 40 SPECJAL (RAL 6003, RAL 7013, coyote) 849,00 PLN


Crafter 30 - for short trips

The Crafter model is structurally more similar to trekking backpacks. In contrast to the two compartments and external pockets known from the Sparrow or Whistler backpacks, it features a single, large compartment with an additional front entrance. This year’s catalog introduces its smaller, 30-liter version (the basic Crafter has a capacity of 55 liters).

The most significant change compared to the original (aside from the reduction in size) is the simplified carrying system. The adjustable FAS Plus Ergonomic system has been replaced with a solution reminiscent (once again) of the one from the Sparrow 303 model. Another noticeable change is the abandonment of the MOLLE system webbing on the front flap.


Official Retail Prices:

  • CRAFTER 30 STANDARD (black, graphite, oliv-green) 699,00 PLN (174.75 €, 202.71 $)
  • CRAFTER 30 SPECJAL (RAL 6003, RAL 7013, coyote) 749,00 PLN (187.25 €, 217.21 $)
  • CRAFTER 30 MULTICAM, WZ-93, MAPA 899,00 PLN (224.75 €, 260.71$)

V-Pack - emergency backpack

The V-Pack is what is commonly known as an emergency backpack, characterized by a simple construction made of nylon and the ability to fold into a small package.


While an emergency backpack is typically associated with a simple sack with straps, the design of the V-Pack model provides greater functionality. It features:

  • a transport handle,
  • mesh pockets with drawstrings on the sides,
  • an external zippered pocket.

Official Retail Prices:

  • V-Pack 25 (black, beige, oliv-green) 249 PLN

Shotpack 2 - a new firearm carrying system

The new version of the Shotpack sniper backpack features significant design changes. While the first one was based on the Wildcat model, Shotpack 2 clearly resembles models from the Zipperfox series. The traditional bag-like construction has been replaced by a main compartment with a zipper arranged in a U-shaped layout. This arrangement allows for quick access to equipment, regardless of how deep it is inside the compartment (tested in practice with the Dagger model). Changes have also been made to the carrying system, which has been simplified in the same way as in the previously described models (a new manufacturer standard, perhaps?).

The key feature of the Shotpack model has been retained, namely the modular system consisting of:

  • the main backpack,
  • two additional pockets attached to the sides,
  • a weapon case placed between the backpack and the carrying system,
  • the carrying system itself.

Official Retail Prices:

  • SHOTPACK 2 STANDARD (black, graphite, oliv-green) 1 799,00 PLN (449.75 €, 521.71 $)
  • SHOTPACK 2 SPECJAL (RAL 6003, RAL 7013, coyote) 1 999,00 PLN (499.75 €, 579.71 $)
  • SHOTPACK 2 MULTICAM, WZ-93 2 299,00 PLN (574.75 €, 666.71 $)

Sunfibre - a wearable active lighting technology

Sunfibre is a wearable active lighting technology designed to increase the user’s visibility. Two fiber optic cables (each 75 cm long, two and a half feet) extend from a cord equipped with a USB plug (which is intended to connect to an external power source). The arrangement resembles the shape of letter T.

The fiber optic cables, emitting blue or red light, are thin enough to be threaded through the MOLLE system tapes or bungee cord attachment points. A switch, connected to the power cable, controls the lighting mode:

  • bright,
  • dim,
  •  signaling (flashing).

The switch itself can be placed on the straps or suspenders. A power bank will also be available as part of the set – however, the manufacturer has not yet provided details about its dimensions or power source (built-in battery, common alkaline battery, etc.).

Official Retail Prices:

  • Sunfibre 199,00 PLN (49.75 €, 57.71 $),
  • Sunfibre powerbank 99,00 PLN.

Magnum 18 L (prototype)

The latest novelty is not included in the catalog as it is still in the conceptual phase. The premiere of the final version is likely to take place after the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 trade fair. However, the manufacturer has shared three photos of the 18-liter Magnum.

With an 18-liter capacity, the Magnum resembles a hybrid of the Kaiken model with the Sparrow 303. Similar to the WarHog urban backpack, there is a single compartment and a pocket on the flap closed with a vertically sewn zipper. Perhaps there are also horizontally positioned organizers inside. Side pockets are also present, although in this case, they are made of mesh. The carrying system mimics that of the Sparrow 303, which in my opinion is a better solution than that of the Kaiken, where I miss the stiffening of the straps (no complaints about the back itself, considering that the Kaiken is an urban backpack). Similar to the 303, a minimalist MOLLE system has been applied, with webbing located on the upper halves of the sides and the flap.


This year’s novelties are quite exciting – they include products both typically military (Shotpack 2, Sparrow 40) and tourist-oriented (V-Pack, Crafter 30). For me, a lover of one-day adventures in the field, the best of them is the Crafter 30 because I don’t recall many substitutes for it in the domestic market. Sparrow 40 should prove to be a considerable success, offering optimal capacity for a typical military backpack for two to three days. In its case, I would definitely prefer replacing one of the compartments with two large external pockets similar to those on the Sparrow 303, as I consider this layout to be a more ergonomic solution.

In any case, the manufacturer is constantly expanding its offer, which boldly competes with foreign brands (despite being domestically produced). You can familiarize yourself with Wisport products during the upcoming IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 trade fair (Hall 6/6-116).

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