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New Ammo Pouches From Templars Gear

A new series of ammo pouches with a stiffened flap and closed with a Spanish buckle is coming soon from Templars Gear. Currently, images of versions for AR-15 magazines and for ammunition boxes have been presented.

The evolution of a classic design

The new Templars Gear ammo pouches represent an evolution of a classic design, used among others by the Bundeswehr to carry magazines for the Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifle and the G36 assault rifle, and by the British Armed Forces with their Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE) webbing. Their design is distinguished primarily by a flap that fully covers the contents, which is fastened with a Spanish buckle. These buckles are designed to be quickly released with one hand.

The Polish company is enhancing that design with modern materials and improvements. Some of the changes include stiffening the back wall of the pouches as well as the flap itself. Additionally, the flap is equipped with a Velcro closure, which can be covered with a cap.

Ammo pouch for AR-15 magazines will be available in versions for one, two, or three 30-round magazines / Photos: Templars Gear

LMG ammo pouches Saw 100 and Saw 200 with a new flap

More variants coming soon

Over the next few weeks, new models will be presented approximately every 2 days. In addition to the already showcased AR-15 magazine pouches and ammunition box pouches, the following will also be introduced:

  • AK magazine pouches in 5.45 mm x 39 and 5.56 mm x 45 NATO versions
  • Pistol magazine pouches, also usable as multi-tool carriers
  • Tourniquet pouches
  • Grenade pouches
  • Magazine pouches for .308 Winchester/7.62 mm x 51 NATO ammunition (10 and 20-round).

The planned color versions include:

  • Ranger Green,
  • Coyote Brown,
  • Navy Blue,
  • Black,
  • Flecktarn in 3FTD and 5FTD variants,
  • M81 Woodland,
  • MultiCam,
  • MultiCam Black,
  • MultiCam Tropic,
  • Adaptive Green,
  • Wz. 93,
  • M05,
  • vz 95.

You can follow the releases on the Templars Gear Facebook page. After all products are launched and hit the market, their prices will be listed on the official website. More information coming soon.

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