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POLSECURE: Holsters HPE Poland offer for uniformed services

At the 3rd International Police and Public Security Fair POLSECURE 2024 in Kielce, Holsters HPE Poland presented its offer for Polish Police officers.

The 3rd International Police and Public Security Fair POLSECURE 2024, directed at uniformed services, took place in Kielce from April 23rd to 25th. Among over 150 exhibitors was Holsters HPE Poland, which presented its offer for Polish Police officers.


As reported to the MILMAG Magazine Editorial Team, a Polish company from Kielce, established in 1924 (operating in its current form since 1990), presented products offered to the National Police Headquarters (KGP) at this year’s POLSECURE trade fair.

These are plate carrier vests tailored for Police officers. Both the fabric of the vests and the ballistic plate inserts are produced domestically by Holsters HPE Poland. The vest is equipped with the latest Quick Release system, which consists of magnetic locks enabling quick removal in emergency situations, as well as facilitating its handling under normal conditions, for example, when officers change uniform parts.

The offered K4 Police Guard hard ballistic plate, stand-alone type, is a monolithic construction based on ceramics with backing, which is a novelty on the Polish market – it is a high-pressure pressed composite plate. It provides NIJ III ballistic protection against 7.62 mm x 39 API BZ round.

The vest features a variety of organizational pockets and pouches for rifle and pistol magazines, including a tactical Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) pouch, handcuff and pepper spray pouches, cargo-type pouches, and others.

Additionally, Holsters HPE Poland has already presented a delivered model of a ballistic vest for Border Guard officers, equipped with soft ballistic inserts, the components of which are also entirely produced in Poland.

It served as a prototype for the vest offered to the Polish Army – more advanced version, developed using laser-cut technology. It consists of soft ballistic inserts and has been designed based on experiences from ongoing war in Ukraine. Compared to the original, it has been expanded with additional ballistic protection areas around the neck and shoulders of the user. Additionally, it can be further enhanced by using hard ballistic plates to meet the ballistic protection level required by the user.

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