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WB Group presented AMSTA SOF

During the POLSECURE trade fair, WB Group presented the latest variant of the AMSTA SOF perimeter protection system, designed for use in special operations.

The company MindMade, part of the WB Group, presented the latest solutions aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the AMSTA perimeter protection system. The solution, developed in Poland for the digital protection of borders and critical infrastructure, is based on a network of various types of seismic and imaging sensors, enabling centralized management and local access for patrols or intervention groups. Today, a portable component joins the stationary structure: AMSTA SOF (AMSTA will protect the borders).

Single sensor of AMSTA SOF 

Notably, the base version of the AMSTA SOF is a portable set of four seismic sensors, which allows for the creation of a basic protection network even during foot patrols. Each detector can detect human- or animal-sized targets within a 75-meter radius and vehicles, depending on size, at distances ranging from 300 meters (cars) to 500 meters (trucks). Information can be displayed on the screens of portable devices (phone or tablet) with the support of an application provided by the manufacturer. According to information obtained by the MILMAG Editorial Team, the standard method of building a protective perimeter based on the AMSTA SOF involves deploying the sensors in a square layout with 140-meter sides, so that the detection zones overlap (WB Group presents A4S FORCULUS).

The system provides a range of capabilities for remote observation, target classification, and warning in areas such as concealed buildings and other structures, remote and hard-to-reach areas, which are used as smuggling routes or are subject to infiltration. It is effective in forested or otherwise covered areas, where observation with cameras or drones is difficult. / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski, MILMAG

Individual sensors have integrated power supplies, allowing for one year of operation. With a low module weight of 2 kg, the entire set can be carried by a single person. This solution is independent of more complex systems, while maintaining the full functionality of seismic sensors, and allows for the ad hoc creation of a perimeter protection system in any location. Besides detecting ground vehicles, it can also warn about the presence of aircraft such as drones and helicopters flying below radar detection levels, and even airplanes at cruising altitudes. According to WB Group, the AMSTA has been tested in various conditions, including rainforests. In Poland, the stationary AMSTA has been deployed on the eastern border of the country, where further expansion is planned.


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