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Singapore Airshow 2024: Terrex s5 Premiere

The Singaporean company ST Engineering has unveiled the latest variant of the wheeled infantry fighting vehicle Terrex S5. It is a developmental version of the Terrex wheeled infantry carrier vehicle (ICV), which has been in service with the Singapore Armed Forces since 2001.

The vehicle, presented on February 18, 2024, was designed to provide maximum situational awareness and improve operational comfort for the crew and infantry soldiers. Like most contemporary platforms, Terrex S5 was devised as a modular construction. Various configurations can be built using the same chassis, including a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle, command vehicle, amphibious infantry carrier, mobile mortar, support vehicle, and tank destroyer armed with guided anti-tank missiles. Furthermore, the manufacturer ensures that compared to older versions, the usable space has been increased by 60% and the maximum range has been doubled.

Terrex s5 in wheeled infantry fighting vehicle configuration

In addition to its modular construction, the Terrex S5 is characterized by a new hybrid propulsion system. Apart from the standard version powered by a 711 HP Caterpillar diesel engine, the manufacturer has created a variant with an additional electric motor. The hybrid configuration, along with a 7-speed automatic transmission, allows for efficient movement of the 35-ton vehicle in difficult terrain (according to information obtained from the manufacturer, the maximum weight can be increased to 36 tons).

Additionally, thanks to the integrated lithium-ion batteries, the wheeled infantry fighting vehicle can move solely on electric power, enabling covert arrival to the operational area (up to 50 km), and the additional power supply also extends the operation time of systems without the need to engage the propulsion unit (silent watch). The combined power of the internal combustion and electric motors is 1200 HP. Moreover, the built-in batteries and an extensive power supply network allow for the installation of advanced battlefield management systems based on artificial intelligence protocols aboard the Terrex S5.

The vehicle can be equipped with the ADDER unmanned turret system, featuring a 30mm automatic cannon, or another similar system specified by the user

One of the designers’ aims was to create a vehicle easy to operate with an intuitive control system. Since the Singapore Armed Forces rely on conscription, the operation of the Terrex S5 is intended to be maximally simplified. The crew consists of three soldiers: the vehicle commander, gunner, and driver. Each crew member has multifunctional displays at their disposal (an additional one is provided for the transported group’s leader).

Situational awareness is ensured by the observation devices for the commander and gunner, as well as integrated cameras. With the support of artificial intelligence, the crew can observe the surroundings of the vehicle practically in every direction. Additionally, the commander’s and driver’s positions are equipped with standard periscopes. The latter observes the road on three screens arranged to obtain a panoramic view, complemented by the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) aiding in vehicle operation. The driver also has access to an automated obstacle detection system, which also displays the terrain around the vehicle from a bird’s-eye view.

There is a container in rear part of chassis from which a reconnaissance quadcopter UAV can take off

The Terrex S5 has been designed to fulfill various tasks. The amphibious version with a light, remotely operated weapon turret (ADDER Light) is intended for marine infantry units. Infantry fighting vehicles (ADDER 30mm), carriers of anti-tank guided missiles (ADDER Twin), and support vehicles have been designed for combat against enemy vehicles. Infantry can also be supported by the SRAMS mortar mounted on the vehicle. Additionally, a module for basing small unmanned aerial vehicles (quadcopters with an observation head) has been installed on the vehicle. MILMAG has not been able to confirm whether carrying and launching loitering munitions is possible.

Unmanned, autonomous Taurus can cooperate with Terrex

Thanks to advanced digital communication systems, the Terrex S5 is intended to have the capability to collaborate with unmanned ground vehicles (such as locally produced Taurus). Additionally, as the MILMAG Editorial Team found out, there exists a technical possibility for remote control of the IFV itself, potentially making it an unmanned platform.

According to data provided by the manufacturer, the 35-ton vehicle provides ballistic protection corresponding to level 4 according to NATO standards, has a payload of 13 tons, and can transport up to 10 infantry soldiers on suspended seats protecting them from the effects of mine explosions and improvised explosive devices. Thanks to independent suspension, the vehicle can maneuver in difficult terrain. Approach and departure angles are 40 degrees each. The Terrex S5 can overcome vertical obstacles up to 0.7 meters high and trenches up to 2 meters wide. The fording depth is 1.8 meters. The vehicle has a range of 1000 kilometers and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The dimensions are as follows: length 8.3 meters, width 3 meters, and height 2.7 meters.

An omnidirectional camera system provides enhanced situational awareness for the crew and transported troops / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski, MILMAG

Currently, the Terrex S5 is ready for the technical evaluation process conducted by potential users. ST Engineering assures that the facilities will be ready to produce the first units around the turn of 2024 and 2025. Furthermore, the new Terrex has been designed to accommodate different remotely controlled turrets along with electronic control and command systems (including the user’s choice of BMS software). The Singaporean manufacturer also does not rule out licensed production and cooperation with the local defense industry of the potential buyers.


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