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Rheinmetall Gladius Light – special networking for special operations forces

During the Enforce Tac 2024 trade fair in Nuremberg, the German group Rheinmetall AG presented the Gladius Light future soldier system, intended for special forces and based on the Gladius 2.0 set.

Soldier systems connect individual warriors on the battlefield with other actors, sensors, effectors and platforms, bringing them into the network-enabled operational loop. A leading defence technology enterprise, Rheinmetall has extensive experience in this area. At Enforce Tac 2024, the Group unveiling a new version of its Gladius 2.0 soldier system, specifically designed to meet the needs of special operations forces.

Photos: Rheinmetall AG

During development, the system’s designers kept a sharp focus on the need for lightweight, flexible systems that enable maximum mobility. The Gladius Light configuration has therefore been stripped down to its essentials. At the same time, however, care was taken to maximize flexibility, making it possible to include accessories needed for special operations. Moreover, the new configuration is specially designed to enable subsequent upgrades and extensions.

The Gladius Light configuration is based on a lightweight tactical harness with scalable ballistic protection. It includes:

  • a radio for voice and data communication as well as GPS tracking for ‘blue force’ information;
  • an advanced headset with various push-to-talk buttons (connected by cable or Bluetooth) for voice communication;
  • an end user device (e.g. a tablet) for depicting tactical maps, assuring an uninterrupted exchange of information and improved situational awareness.


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