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Rheinmetall at Enforce Tac 2024 – new products for armed forces and law enforcement

Rheinmetall will be exhibiting at Enforce Tac from 26 to 28 February 2024 and will present at Stand 7-755 a complete system for ballistic body armour, new laser light modules, SSW40 grenade launcher, Caracal special ops vehicle, Survivor-R vehicle and tactical pyrotechnics.

The year’s Enforce Tac security tradeshow runs from 26 to 28 February in Nurem­berg. A powerful partner of the armed forces and law enforcement, Rheinmetall AG will once again be on hand at this special show. For users, procurement officials and specialist visitors alike, the Düsseldorf-based technology group has several innovative new products in store as well as additional elements from its tactical portfolio, including items from its Vehicle Systems, Weapon and Ammunition, and Electronic Solutions divisions.

Caracal / Photos: Rheinmetall AG

New products include:

Ballistic body armour – for the first time, Rheinmetall will be introducing itself at Enforce Tac 2024 as a complete supplier of ballistic body armour solutions. A new VPAM7-class ballistic vest, protective high-visibility vest developed for traffic stops, and a modular ballistic vest for SWAT-Teams will be on display at the Group’s stand.

Laser/ laser light modules – the LLM-PTAL laser light module for pistols and the MTAL Venom laser module for assault rifles are both celebrating their premiere at this year’s Enforce Tac.


Personal position marker and warning device – the Functional Protection System Beacon (FPS-Beacon) enables visible, non-visible and thermal position marking and warns in dangerous situations and when detected by lasers.

Soldier System Gladius Light – a variant of the Gladius 2.0 soldier system configured for special operations forces.

Rapid Obscuring System ROSY – the tried-and-tested rapid obscuring system ROSY protects land, air and sea vehicles even when on the move with a spontaneous smoke screen. At Enforce Tac 2024, the ROSY_L variant can be seen on the Fieldranger weapon station of the Survivor R protected special vehicle and on the Caracal airborne vehicle.

Other Rheinmetall highlights at this year’s Enforce Tac include:

Caracal – developed in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and ACS Armoured Car Systems, Rheinmetall now offers a fast, versatile, powerful and compact 4×4 family of vehicles for airmobile and special forces units.

Survivor R – highly mobile, superbly protected and versatile, the Survivor R is a special emergency response vehicle for security forces. Based on a 4×4 MAN chassis, it was developed in cooperation with Achleitner, a maker of special vehicles. Germany’s Federal Police and the public order units of several German states have already chosen this state-of-the-art special purpose vehicle.


Squad Support Weapon SSW40 – the world’s first automatic, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired 40mm grenade launcher. In terms of weight, dimensions and handling, the SSW40 closely approximates an assault rifle.

Tactical pyrotechnics – Rheinmetall offers a wide variety of tactical pyrotechnical products, including the 9-Bang stun grenade and the square-shaped Spectac, both of which feature bottom top venting for maximum handling safety.

Paramir – light and compact, this versatile signalling rocket includes different coloured flares, infrared, smoke and NBC signal variants. It attains an altitude of around 100 metres, with an illumination time of approximately 15 seconds.

Rheinmetall – a powerful partner of the security services

For many years, Rheinmetall has been a powerful partner of the security forces of Germany and countries around the globe. Among other items, its Public Security product portfolio includes components for ballistic protection equipment, special tactical options for law enforcement operations, optics and optronics for round-the-clock observation and surveillance, systems for detecting and countering drones as well as protected emergency response vehicles.

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