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POLSECURE 2024: Works 11

The Works 11 booth displayed not only products from brands such as AREX Defense and Milkor, but also the Carbine 15 rifles by Hans, manufactured in Poland.

Successor to GH-15

At the Works 11 booth, the Carbine 15 by Hans line of AR-15-style rifles was showcased. These rifles are a continuation of the GH-15 project by GunsHelp. Manufactured in Poland, the rifles are typically fitted with a two-stage trigger mechanism (1.8 kg resistance) and are available with barrel lengths of 10.5 or 14.5 inches (266 or 368 mm). Among the available handguards, there is a variant with a smooth back, allowing for a more hand-friendly grip. In addition to the 5.56 mm version, the Carbine 9 by Hans chambered for the 9 mm x 19 Parabellum pistol cartridge is also available. Each rifle is supplied with a Vector Optics Maverick Gen3 1×22 MIL reflex sight (or with mechanical sights upon request).

Presented carbines use A2 pistol grip, FAB Defense buttstock, and EOTech sight (reflex sight with magnifier) – in the background AREX Defense handguns and Milkor grenade launcher can be seen

More details on the official Works 11 website.

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