At IWA 2019 exhibition in Nuremberg, SIG Sauer Electro-optics presented their BDX system. BDX stands for Ballistic Data Exchange which was developed to connect the optical scope and range finder with a dedicated smartphone application. The system allows for easy aiming corrections based on ammunition type, range-to-target and wind conditions.

Sig Sauer BDX  / Video: Jarosław Lis

Full version of BDX is based on three main components. Sierra 3 riflescope with a built-in Bluetooth acts as the system’s core. It has a modified reticle which can display the aiming point adjusted with the necessary corrections. Target ranging is conducted with Kilo2200BDX range finder. The device can be also used for automatic correction calculations and it can display both MOA and milliradian units.

System`s third element – a special smartphone app – is available to the riflescope`s buyers and can be installed on devices using both Android and iOS systems. It is used to enter parameters necessary for ballistic calculations.

The BDX system was designed to be used with both the riflescope and the range finder at the same time. This combination bolsters safety during hunting activities and improves the efficiency of shooter/spotter pairs. According to the manufacturer, system will cost 840-1628 USD.