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TEMP-3000 will provide the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense with 20 thousands ballistic helmets

The State Enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Defense Procurement Agency, has signed a contract with the Scientific Production Enterprise TEMP-3000 LLC for the delivery of 20,000 composite combat helmets.


On January 23, 2024, the State Enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Defense Procurement Agency, signed a state contract (agreement) with the Scientific Production Enterprise TEMP-3000 LLC, located in the city of Vorzel in the Kiev Oblast, regarding procurement order No. 6/01-24-RM for the delivery of 20,000 units of full-size composite combat helmets for the contracting authority.

Helmet Kaska -1M model 1 variant 1 of the older version / Photos: TEMP-3000

The above contract is the second in a series, focusing on the delivery of composite combat helmets, this time with a Low-Cut side profile resembling ACH-type helmets. The previous tender, which took place in November of the previous year, concerned the delivery of 5,000 units of ballistic helmets with a High-Cut profile, providing more space for headsets.

The tender process occurred very quickly, similar to the previous year’s procedure. The announcement regarding the initiation of the procurement for the delivery of 20,000 ballistic helmets was made on January 2, 2024. The final deadline for submitting bids was January 12, 2024, at 00:00. The envelopes containing bids submitted by the offerors were opened on the same day at 14:02. After checking the completeness of the required documents specified in attachments 1 through 8, which participants in the tender obtained before the process, it was determined that four bids met the formal requirements.

Four economic entities were qualified for the initiated procedure, including two manufacturers and two entities not producing helmets but engaged in trading within the military sector. Three of these entities turned out to be Ukrainian companies based in and around Kiev, while the fourth one originated from Israel.

Participants in the procedure

For the procedure with an estimated value of 184,924,000 UAH excluding VAT (approximately $4.9 million), the following companies were allowed: Scientific Production Enterprise TEMP-3000 LLC, Limited Liability Company AK-INVESTPROM, Masada Armor Soy LTD from Israel, and LLC KM Disti. The primary criterion for selection during the negotiation-based procedure was the final price, which carried a 100% weight.

After the auction, it was determined that the winner of the tender and the supplier for the planned quantity of ballistic protection was the Ukrainian company TEMP-3000, which priced its products at a final price of 154,899,900.00 UAH (over $4 million), translating to a price of 7,745.00 UAH (approximately $200) per unit. Subsequently, after negotiating the final values, the second place went to the trading company AK-INVESTPROM with a price of 154,900,000.00 UAH, the third place to Masada Armor Soy LTD with a price of 155,000,000.00 UAH , and the trading company LLC KM Disti placed fourth with a final price of 165,000,000.00 UAH ($4.29 million).

After completing all the formalities regarding the resolved and concluded tender procedure, a contract was signed with the Ukrainian manufacturer, including ballistic helmets, TEMP-3000 company, for a value of 154,899,900.00 UAH ($4 million) excluding VAT. The contract was published on the following day, January 24, 2024, at 9:41 AM.

The winning ballistic design

Kaska -1M model 1 type F (Full Cut) helmet selected in the tender

During the concluded tender procedure, in which TEMP-3000 became the beneficiary, the product selected as their offer was the general-purpose composite helmet, designated as Model 1, Type 1, with an ACH-style side profile in the latest production variant and factory designation as Kaska-1M Model 1, Type F (Full Cut). The helmet was offered in its basic version (Variant 1 SWZ), without additional features such as the front NVG mounting socket and without side mounting rails. As per the tender conditions, the set offered includes a cover made of Material Type 3 with MM-14 specifications.

The Kaska-1M in its basic variant is equipped with 10 shock-absorbing pads and a headband attached at four points to the helmet shell in an “H” configuration with free ends of the headband used for adjusting the helmet’s fit. The headband has a two-part chin cup covered with soft padding. On the left side of the chin, there is a medium-sized buckle for easy attachment and detachment, even while wearing gloves. The protection is manufactured in accordance with NATO standards and the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The helmet’s shape meets the requirements of the MIL-H-44099A standard (latest edition).

The external surface of the helmet shell is covered with an impact-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-reflective, and wear-resistant coating. Simultaneously, the coating provides protection against soldiers being exposed in the near-ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectrum. The lower edge of the helmet shell is safeguarded by a thermoplastic protective rim, which shields the aramid structure from delamination, wear, and moisture.

The helmet’s design ensures compatibility with existing military equipment, night vision and optical devices, communication equipment, and personal protective equipment such as hearing protectors, ballistic goggles, and bulletproof vests (in accordance with AER 2902 standard).

The helmet does not lose its protective properties when exposed to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C or subjected to a rapid temperature drop from +50°C to -20°C, immersion, and exposure to seawater for 16 hours (in accordance with AER 2902). The protection’s construction can withstand deformation loads of 1100 N applied in the frontal and vertical planes, as well as deformation loads of 1500 N applied in the horizontal plane (according to AER 2902). The protective coating of the helmet is resistant to combustion by a mixture of flammable liquids and open flames, as well as the effects of aggressive liquids (in accordance with DSTU EN 13087-7:2015, AER 2902).

The construction provides protection for the user’s head against blunt trauma, equivalent to an impact from a height of 1 meter with an impact energy of 49 J (according to DSTU EN 397), protection against impact from sharp objects (penetration) with an energy of at least 49 J (in accordance with DSTU EN 12492), and protection against impact during a fall (according to ECE R22/05). The helmet attachment system ensures that the armor remains on the head during both dynamic and static loads (in accordance with DSTU EN 13087-5) and remains stable on the user’s head (DSTU EN 13087-4).

The helmets are produced in four sizes: S – for head circumference 52-56 cm, M (55-59 cm), L (58-62 cm), and XL (61-64 cm). The ordering party has opted for the delivery of protectors in sizes M, L, and XL, with quantities of 400, 12,600, and 7,000 units, respectively. The weight of the helmets without additional equipment is as follows for sizes S – 1.25 kg +/- 0.05 kg, M – 1.30 kg +/- 0.05 kg, L – 1.40 kg +/- 0.05 kg, and XL – 1.60 kg +/- 0.05 kg.

According to the standards of the American NIJ 0106.01 norm, the helmets are produced in classes II and IIIA. For the purposes of the tender, shields in class IIIA will be provided with a parameter V50 >= 670 m/s for a standard fragment weighing 1.1 g. The helmets, in accordance with the tender terms, will be made from aramid composite. The supplier also has models made from UHMWPE polyethylene in their portfolio.

The composite Kaska-1M helmets have successfully undergone ballistic tests in accredited laboratories, both in Ukraine and at the Military Technical Institute of the Ministry Of Defense of the Czech Republic.

Each helmet is delivered with an individual bag and a product card. The color of the helmet shell can be agreed upon with the contractor.

Delivery Terms

According to Attachment No. 3 SWZ, the supplier is obligated to deliver 20,000 helmets in two phases: 10,000 units by February 29, 2024, and 10,000 units by March 31, 2024. Per the same attachment, 8,000 helmets are to be delivered to a location in the central region, 3,000 units to the eastern region, 6,000 units to the western region, and 3,000 units to the southern region.


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