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Singapore Airshow 2024: The Orion-H10 anti-drone system by TRD Systems

At the Singapore Airshow 2024, the Singaporean company TRD Systems presented a new handheld anti-drone system, the Orion-H10.

During the Singapore Airshow 2024, scheduled for February 20-25, the Singaporean company TRD Systems presented a new handheld anti-drone system, the Orion-H10. They also announced a successful deal as the Canadian Department of National Defense placed an order for their sets totaling 2 million USD.

Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski, MILMAG

The Singaporean manufacturer, operating in the market since 2011, announced that their Orion-H10 is the sixth generation of a system designed to neutralize/incapacitate small unmanned aerial vehicles, developed over the last five years.

CEO TRD Systems, Sam Ong, emphasized the importance of continuous innovation to address evolving threats associated with unmanned vehicles. The Orion-H10 represents the company’s ongoing pursuit of technological advancement to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving military threat landscape, as vividly illustrated by the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

A historic achievement for the company is winning the first tender organized by a NATO member state. On Thursday, February 15th, the company secured a $2 million USD order for the delivery of anti-drone systems for the Soldier Portable Air Defence System program. These systems, along with concurrently purchased short-range air defense man portable systems Saab RBS 70 NG, will bolster the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Latvia.

TRD Systems also announced the establishment of a joint venture, TRD Middle East Industry Co., which will be responsible for local production of anti-drone systems in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. This represents a significant step in the company’s business expansion into the Middle East, as well as a new approach tailored to specific needs in the region. TRD plans to launch production of the Orion-H10 adapted to the demanding tropical climate, thanks to new features. This initiative reflects TRD Systems’ commitment to adjust its solutions to meet the unique requirements of different markets.

TRD Systems also introduced to the market a kit integrating the Orion-H10 with a portable command and control (C2) system installed on a tablet or a smartwatch. Everything is carried in the Orion-D backpack. This integrated set will provide greater flexibility to users, especially infantry units, enhancing their response to UAV threats.


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