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Modular Safes From Stalpol On Euro Target Show 2024

During the Euro Target Show 2024, Stalpol showcased the DOMINO S1 series safes. Their interior is freely configurable thanks to the modular CLIK accessory system, which can be installed without the need for tools.

Modular interior system

The S1 series DOMINO safes presented at the Euro Target Show in Poznań stood out with a modular accessory system of simple construction.

Photos: Michał Ihnatów

The accessories supplied with the safes are mounted without the use of tools in special mounting holes lining both the walls of the safe itself and the inner side of the door. Mounting and dismounting individual accessories can be easily done with one hand in a few seconds (verified in practice).

The CLIK system accessories include:

  • Partition walls (also equipped with mounting holes),
  • Foam rack with the option of horizontal or vertical mounting (e.g., for handguns),
  • Shelves,
  • Containers.

Currently, the DOMINO series comprises 18 safe models, differing in dimensions and internal accessories included in the set.

Other features include:

  • Class I certificate according to PN-EN 1143-1,
  • Certified key lock with 2 keys,
  • Maximum firearm height – 1794 mm,
  • Magnetic holders for cleaning rods,
  • 4-sided locking system,
  • HUWIL handle or knob,
  • Doors opening to the right side,
  • Holes for mounting in the bottom and rear wall.

Catalog prices range from 3,960 to 11,800 PLN. At the time of writing this article, during the ongoing promotion, the cheapest safe in this series costs 2,550 PLN. For more information, visit the Stalpol website.


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