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Lindnerhof-Taktik Launches Its MX634 Modular Radio Pouch

German-based Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH unveiled the MX634 Modular Radio Pouch.

20th December 2022. German-based Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH today unveiled its final new product for 2022: the MX634 Modular Radio Pouch, a highly versatile tactical accessory designed to be configured as desired by users to suit each mission’s unique requirements.

Photos: Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH

The MX634 Modular Radio Pouch goes on sale beginning 21 December at the company’s online shop.

This single pouch rounds outa year full of Lindnerhof product innovation and reflects once again the currenttheme of our development programme—modularity, said Lindnerhof Chief Executive Officer Jakob Kolbeck. We believe modularity is the key to all things tactical.

Kolbeck added that the MX634 Modular Radio Pouch completes the company’s MX product range for this year. MX products are those made of Lindnerhof ́s super-lightweight yet remarkably durable multiaxial laminate material, he explained. The MX634 Modular Radio Pouch is in essence a construction kit for end-users to build and setup a radio pouch that’s as individual as they themselves are, Kolbeck said.

The base of the MX634 Modular Radio Pouch comes with two sizes included—one large and the other small. This, said Kolbeck, allows users to adjust the pouch’s height in order to optimise its mission value. The idea here is that we wanted to offer everyone the possibility of configuring their radio equipment just the way they want it, he said. We felt it was crucially important to have height adjustability so that users can handle their radio equipment the way they’ve always done it in the past. The different sized bases ensure that not only will the pouch be positioned at the user’s preferred height but also that the equipment to be carried will fit perfectly inside the pouch, regardless of whether the equipment is a smartphone or a SEM52.

Another feature of the MX634 Modular Radio Pouchis compressibility, which allows the user to secure contained equipment. The pouch can be snugged up tight against items inside itthe user’s choice of side elastic insertsor conventional lateral elastic cords as well as with the modular optionsof a Velcro fastener or a buckle—again, the decision is left to the user.

The MX634 Modular Radio Pouch can be mounted to a plate carrier or a protective vest by multiple means. Users have the choice of classic MOLLE/PALS attachment or—as with our previously announced new MX174 Multi Hanger Pouch—a Velcro flap that affixes directly to a Lindnerhof carrier, Kolbeck noted.

Moreover, the pouch’s modular design permits attachment on which ever side the user wishes, left or right. In spelling out the reasons to develop a modularly designed pouch, Kolbeck said: Our goal was to create a product that would enable its user to be fast and successful from mission start to finish. So, we asked ourselves, why limit it to just a single option? Why not add more? We certainly have the technologic capability to do so. Ultimately, we were brought back to the position that it ́sthe user’s mission and the user should be the one to decide how the gear is configured for optimal success.

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