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Leupold Mark 4HD – return of the classic series

Leupold presented the Mark 4HD series, which includes scopes with magnification ranges of 1-4.5, 2.5-10, 4.5-18, 6-24, and 8-32.

The Mark 4 series returns in a new version with seventeen models with magnifications of 1-4.5, 2.5-10, 4.5-18, 6-24, or 8-32. The 4:1 magnification ratio aims to achieve a balance between magnification range and the size of the scope.

1-4.5×24 / Photos: Leupold Optics





Their construction utilizes tubes with a diameter of 30 or 34 mm, which is intended to provide greater mounting versatility. An optional lever can be placed on the magnification control. The turrets can be zeroed and locked in a specific position. Adjustments are made in increments of 0.1 milliradian or 0.25 angular minutes. Individual models are also equipped with parallax adjustment ranging from 25 to 1000 yards (approximately 22–914 meters).

The reticles are located in the first or second focal plane. Individual models come equipped with illuminated reticles featuring Motion Sensor Technology, which turns off the illumination after 5 minutes of inactivity and automatically activates it upon detecting motion. A useful feature for long-distance shooting is the integrated electronic level, indicating leveling of the device (through reticle illumination blinking). Competitive image quality is ensured by the Professional-Grade Optical System, which, according to the manufacturer, stands out thanks to excellent light transmission and reflection reduction. The scopes are designed to be waterproof, prevent lens fogging, and withstand shocks.

The models differ in the configuration of the mentioned features. Their prices range from $999.99 to $1,599.99 USD. For more information, please visit the official manufacturer’s website.

Advertising partnership: Leupold Optics’ official distributor in Poland is the Kolba store.


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