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Chukavin Rifle Gets A New Telescopic Sight

The Chukavin sniper rifle has received a new telescopic sight with the symbol 1P97 (1П97) produced by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant.

The Chukavin sniper rifle (SVCh) has received a new telescopic sight with the symbol 1P97 (1П97 in Cyrillic script) produced by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant. That information was announced on February 5 by the press office of the Kalashnikov Concern on their website.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Grigory Sysoev

It should be noted that the product has already successfully passed state tests. The medium magnification panoramic telescopic sight is designed for detecting targets and conducting aimed shooting from a sniper rifle in various target background conditions during daylight hours – explains the manufacturer. The sight is equipped with the H59 (Cyrillic: N59) reticle placed in the first focal plane. The optical elements feature a multi-layer anti-reflective coating. The sight adjustment degree is 1 cm/100 m.

The new sight has modern technical and operational parameters. In particular, it is more ergonomic, has a higher magnification ratio, lower mass, and a number of additional features: a quick-detach mechanism for mounting on the weapon, a bracket integrated with the sight body, a lock indicator, and a magnification adjustment wheel. According to the words of the chief designer of the Kalashnikov Concern, Sergey Urzhumtsev, the new product will improve the accuracy and quality of firing from the SVCh rifle.

Photo: Kalashnikov Concern

At the end of December last year, the first production models of the new rifle were delivered to units of the Russian Army. This weapon was created to replace the famous Dragunov sniper rifle, featuring improved properties and significantly greater accuracy.

Work on the new firearm design began in 2016, and it was first showcased a year later at a military-technical forum of the army in Moscow. Since 2021, an unspecified number of the new weapons have been handed over to the military for testing, research, and trials under conditions similar to real-life scenarios and diverse weather conditions. The SVCh was put into service in May 2023.

An interdepartmental commission approved the design documentation for the sight as production documentation for serial production as product 1P97.


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