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MBDA role in Polish missile programmes, MSPO 2023 update

Update on the current progress in the Pilica+, Narew and Ottokar-Brzoza programmes.

MBDA is the CAMM missile provider for the Polish Armed Forces in several programmes. British company supplies Land Forces with CAMM short-range and will provide CAMM-ER extended-range effectors, moreover, Polish Navy future Miecznik Frigates will be armed with Camm-ER. In the future new medium-range, low-cost CAMM-MR missile is planned to be developed with the Polish defence industry. MBDA is also expected to deliver Brimstone ATGM for Polish Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyers.(Narew Programme – Inspectorate of Armament Recommends The MBDA CAMM Missiles)


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