On the 3rd of October, American gear manufacturer Blue Force Gear, introduced a new chemlight dispenser into their offer. It`s called MARCO (Marking and Recognition Chemstick Organizer Dispenser) and was created in response to signals from armed services. Officers wanted an easy to operate accessory, to be used when marking already cleared rooms in low light conditions.

Blue Force Gear designed 3 attachment methods for MARCO. One is a pouch attached to the main belt with a Fastex clip, second is a dedicated mag-like pouch compatible with MOLLE/PALLS webbing, and finally the last one is a dedicated kydex sheath with an adjustable belt clip. / Photo: Blue Force Gear


MARCO is small, semi-transparent container made of polymer. It resembles  a standard box magazine and is equipped with a spring and a feeder which forwards 50 mm light sticks to the user. The accessory houses 32 markers. MARCO is hermetically sealed in the factory and is sold as a single-use accessory. Price on the US  market is 65 Dollars.

The dispenser should eliminate the need for carrying chemlights by sticking them into MOLLE webbing or hanging bundles of them from the vest or battle belt. Another interesting feature are special, top-placed jaws, which allow for single handed chemlight activation.