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AUSA 2022: American Rheinmetall Vehicles premieres Lynx OMFV demonstrator for U.S. Army

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Team Lynx Highlight Technologies for the Army’s Future OMFV Program at AUSA 2022 in Washington D.C.

10th October 2022. American Rheinmetall Vehicles and the exceptional U.S. defense companies of Team Lynx – Textron Systems, Raytheon Technologies, L3Harris Technologies, Allison Transmission, and Anduril Industries, are designing a transformational next-gen Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) – the Lynx OMFV – for the Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) Program. Visitors to this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting can see the Team’s OMFV Concept Demonstrator, a lifesize display that represents the physical appearance of the Lynx OMFV’s design, complemented with augmented reality highlighting technologies for the OMFV Program. Visitors can learn more about Lynx OMFV’s transformational capabilities at Rheinmetall booth (#1439), and team displays at their respective exhibition spaces.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Team Lynx Highlight Technologies for the Army’s Future OMFV Program at AUSA 2022 in Washington D.C. / Photo: Rheinmetall AG

Lynx OMFV – Unparalleled Capability

Team Lynx is developing a transformational IFV that exceeds the Army’s requirements with superior protection, unsurpassed firepower, and unbeatable mobility. The Lynx OMFV’s Ground Combat Systems Common Infrastructure (GCIA) hosts an electrical and software architecture and modular structural architecture that results in a uniquely modular concept that reduces production and lifecycle costs.

Operating with other units or independently, the vehicle can sense, move, and strike in a connected, rapidly changing, complex and lethal operational environment unlike any IFV before.

With its modular design and open architecture, the Army can tailor the Lynx OMFV to meet specific missions or threats, rapidly evolving to adapt to future requirements. These features also significantly reduce the training and logistics burden, leading to greater operational readiness. The Lynx OMFV’s modular open systems approach architecture, high power, and weight allowances deliver a transformational platform today that is prepared for rapid adoption and insertion of the emerging new technologies of the future – ensuring overmatch today and overmatch tomorrow.

STRIKE: Equipped for modern multi-domain operations, the Lynx OMFV delivers exceptional lethality. The Lynx OMFV’s world-class armament delivers extraordinary range, precision, and penetrating power. A U.S.-designed, state-of-the-art unmanned, remote turret hosts an XM913 50mm cannon, providing extraordinary lethality options. The Lynx OMFV also includes Raytheon’s new Multi-Mission Launcher which can fire TOW™, Javelin, and the Coyote Block 3 loitering munition, with other effectors on the technology pathway. A crew independent weapon station enables the vehicle crew to react quickly to emerging battlefield threats, observing and engaging targets on their own. The weapon station can mount the M2 .50 caliber machine gun as well as other light and medium machine guns and grenade launchers. 3 rd GEN FLIR and next-gen sensors and fire controls enhance the lethality suite to deliver hunter-killer and killer-killer capability while easing crew workload.

SENSE: In multi-domain operations, all elements in the Army must process and share information instantly to gain the crucial edge over opposing forces. The Lynx OMFV’s transformational ability to sense and connect answers this demand fully. Advanced Aided Target Recognition and Tracking incorporated in the Lynx OMFV enhances the hunter-killer and killer-killer capability, significantly reducing reaction times and lowering the cognitive burden on the crew. With the integration of laser warning sensors, hostile fire detection, and an active protection system, the crew is able to identify threats and provide location information to the crew and higher commands. A 360° situational awareness system on the Lynx OMFV offers video for all crew members onboard and allows dismounts to prepare for their mission while moving to the objective. The L3Harris WESCAM MX-GCS MK3 sight provides a stabilized, digital thermal, TV, and IR capabilities with integrated laser rangefinder and fire control unit. The flexible vehicle control architecture enables operation of all vehicle systems from multiple locations.

MOVE: The right-sized, compact hull of the vehicle delivers the exceptional power a next-gen IFV requires alongside the survivability vital to the crew. With speed and cross country mobility that maintains pace with the M1 Abrams, the Lynx OMFV tackles the toughest terrain, quickly transporting troops and their equipment through the enemy disruptive zone in remarkable comfort with superior protection. Fitted with active and passive protection systems and reactive tiles, the Lynx OMFV provides a high level of protection for the entire crew. The Lynx OMFV delivers maximum protection in its weight class while delivering exceptional mobility and sustaining margin for expected fielding of rapidly emerging new technologies. Enabling the revolutionary Two-Soldier Crew approach, the Lynx OMFV utilizes multi-functional seats and optimized ergonomics. The Lynx OMFV ensures its team reaches their objectives and achieves battlefield mobility and survivability dominance today and into the future.

Ultimately, the Lynx OMFV is a uniquely designed solution that will be American-made by an exceptional team of U.S. companies led by American Rheinmetall Vehicles. Together, the team brings a next-generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle that is what modern battle requires, what the Soldier needs, and what victory demands ensuring overmatch today and overmatch tomorrow.

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