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WB Group systems for new tanks

The WB Group has signed an agreement with a foreign partner for the delivery and integration of teleinformatics and communication systems for tanks that are intended for use by the Polish Armed Forces.

On January 26th 2023, the WB Group announced that they have signed an agreement with a foreign partner for the delivery and integration of teleinformatics and communication systems for tanks intended for use by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. Native designs, tested under the most challenging conditions of high-intensity warfare, will be introduced into the vehicles of the Polish Army.

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The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland have decided to introduce teleinformatics and communication systems from the WB Group into the newest main battle tanks acquired by the Polish Army, after their successful implementation in self-propelled howitzers like Krab, 2S1 Goździk, and 152mm Dana (ShKH vz. 77), as well as self-propelled mortars like M120K Rak, all wheeled armored personnel carriers Rosomak, numerous command vehicles (supplied both to the Polish Army units and used in coalition formations), reconnaissance, logistics, engineering vehicles, and older generation armored vehicles.

This means that combat vehicles will be equipped with a digital vehicular communication platform called FONET, which is a set of devices and software creating a unified data exchange system between vehicles on the battlefield. One of the primary functions of the system is to provide digital voice communication based on available communication resources.

The digital communication platform FONET is a solution compatible with any radio station available on the market. The Polish Armed Forces have decided to introduce on-board tactical radio stations produced by the company Radmor, which is part of the WB Group, into the acquired tanks. This communication system is widely used in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, with over ten thousand of these devices received.

FONET integrates the vehicle’s electronic equipment and controls both wired and wireless networks. Vehicles equipped with the system produced by WB Electronics (a leading company within the WB Group) can operate within automated command or fire control systems. The modular design allows for the selection of the appropriate digital communication platform configuration for each vehicle while ensuring full compatibility of voice communication and data exchange.

Thanks to full support for IP solutions and the integration of all available communication means, FONET allows vehicles to be integrated into extensive data exchange and VoIP voice communication networks. A vehicle equipped with the digital communication platform becomes an effective component of command and battlefield management systems, including the Integrated Combat Management System TOPAZ.

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