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Rheinmetall wins order from German government to supply mortar ammunition to Ukraine

German-based Rheinmetall AG wins low three-digit million euro order from German government to supply mortar ammunition to Ukraine.

8th November 2023. Rheinmetall has received an order from the German government to supply Ukraine with around 100,000 rounds of 120mm mortar ammunition. The order, worth a figure in the lower-three-digit million-euro range, forms part of a recent €400 million military aid package for the Ukrainian armed forces. Delivery is due to begin shortly and extend over the next two years.

Photo: Rheinmetall AG

With its recent takeover of Spanish ammunition maker Expal, Rheinmetall has further reinforced its already extensive expertise in the field of infantry fire support. The Group’s product range encompasses a complete array of 120mm, 81mm and 60mm mortar ammunition. Augmenting these are fire control systems and mortar weapon systems like the 120mm Ragnarök and the innovative RSG60, a 60mm mortar system (Rheinmetall completes planned takeover of Expal Systems).

Thanks to its enhanced range, heightened precision and optimum combat effectiveness, Rheinmetall mortar ammunition can assure favourable outcomes even during operations in difficult terrain and urban environments.

The latest order from the German government underscores Rheinmetall’s role as a leading supplier of indirect fire technology (Rheinmetall to supply over 150,000 rounds of artillery ammunition for Ukraine, Rheinmetall to supply artillery ammunition to Germany and Ukraine).

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