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New deliveries of firearms for the Polish Border Guard

The Polish Border Guard has received another shipment of HK 416 rifles and HK MP5 submachine guns. Officers from the Operations Security Departments of the Border Guard will receive a total of 335 units of both types of firearms.

On Thursday, January 4th, the Polish Border Guard General Headquarters (KG SG) announced that the formation has received additional deliveries of 5.56mm Heckler & Koch HK 416T assault rifles and 9mm Heckler & Koch HK MP5 submachine guns. Officers from the Operations Security Departments of the Border Guard will receive a total of 335 units of both types of firearms.

Photos: KG SG Press Team

The HK 416 is a high-quality assault rifle used by armed forces worldwide, as well as police and special units. Its main advantages are high reliability and rapid fire capability in challenging operating conditions (both with and without a suppressor) while also accommodating ammunition of mixed types and origins. An additional 160 units of HK 416 rifles have been delivered to the Border Guard officers.

The HK MP5 submachine gun is used by the finest special units worldwide. The weapon has earned a good reputation for its accuracy, reliability, and high-quality craftsmanship. The HK MP5 can be equipped with various stocks, grips, and fire selectors. To date, despite the continuous development of new designs, the HK MP5 is still used by special and counter-terrorism units around the world. Since January of this year, 175 units of HK MP5 have been added to the equipment of officers from the Operations Security Departments of the Border Guard.

The possession of such weaponry by Operations Security Department officers enables them to take effective action in crisis situations. Because both soldiers and Operations Security Department officers will be trained in the use of the same weapons, they will be able to cooperate more effectively in the event of crisis situations. Additionally, it is not without significance that the counter-terrorism units of the Police, with whom the Operations Security Department collaborates in combating physical terrorism, are also equipped with weapons from the Heckler & Koch company (submachine guns and rifles).

This is another argument in favor of equipping the special units of the Border Guard with the mentioned weapons to enable effective action in crisis situations. Previously, on July 6, 2023, KG SG reported the purchase of EOTech EXPS 3.0 holographic sights for HK 416 rifles, worth the equivalent of 750,000 PLN.

In addition to the HK 416, Border Guard officers also use older Beryl 96C rifles and MSBS Grot C16 FB-A2 rifles in 5.56mm x 45 NATO caliber (in April of last year, another batch of 240 Grot rifles was ordered; earlier nearly 1,300 units were delivered). At the beginning of last year, 25 7.62mm UKM-2020S machine guns were also received).

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Video: Polish Border Guard


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