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Babcock supports Ukrainian fighter pilots

The Babcock International Group provides significant support to the next generation of Ukrainian Air Force pilots in preparations for operating multi-role F-16 aircraft.

The first ten Ukrainian pilots have successfully completed the Elementary Flying Training (EFT) phase as part of the program to enhance Ukrainian combat aviation capabilities (The first Ukrainian F-16 multi-role aircraft revealed?).

Photo: Babcock International Group

Babcock provided the Grob Tutor aircraft at this stage, along with all technical and operational support functions. The company ensured that the training program was completed ahead of schedule, and the availability of aircraft was one hundred percent.

RAF instructors teach pilots general operating procedures, flying by instruments, navigation at medium and low altitudes, and formation flying.

The pilots will now proceed to the next stage of aviation training, also supported by Babcock. The training is designed to prepare them for exercises using F-16 fighter jets, which will be provided by countries belonging to the Air Force Capability Coalition, including Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United States.

On this occasion, Secretary of State for Defense Grant Shapps said: I would like to congratulate these brave pilots on completing their initial training here in the UK. Thanks to the world-renowned skills of RAF, they have received some of the best training available and are now a step closer to joining the fight against Putin’s illegal invasion.

The UK has led the way in building Ukraine’s air capabilities over the last two years, enhancing its aircraft with additional equipment, as well as being the first nation to provide long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine.

Ukraine has been using its Air Force to devastating effect, degrading the Russian Black Sea Fleet and severely damaging its Headquarters. This milestone is another step forward for Ukraine’s aerial capabilities – together with our allies we are showing that we will continue to stand by Ukraine’s side.

Babcock remains committed to providing critical support for Ukraine’s military operations. Under a trilateral agreement between Babcock, the UK government, and the Ukrainian government, Babcock serves as the main industrial partner in the Ukrainian capability improvement program. Currently, it supports the Ukrainian Navy in maintaining two mine countermeasure vessels transferred by the Royal Navy.

Babcock also provides operational support for armored land vehicles, such as Challenger 2 tanks, trains Ukrainian personnel, and manages necessary equipment, supply chains, and spare parts.

David Lockwood, CEO, Babcock, said: Aircraft availability is crucial to military operations and our team is by the RAF’s side, ensuring the UK’s best flying instructors have everything they need to train Ukraine’s next-generation of fast-jet pilots. As a capability partner, Babcock is proudly supporting Ukraine across land, sea and air domains. Congratulations to the pilots and good luck with their next stage of training.

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