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Rheinmetall announces U.S. joint venture with Unified Business Technologies

Rheinmetall Protection Systems and Unified Business Technologies (UBT) of Troy, Michigan announces U.S. joint venture to provide U.S. survivability solutions.

10th October 2022. Rheinmetall Protection Systems and Unified Business Technologies (UBT) of Troy, Michigan are pleased to announce the formation of a new joint venture to offer Rheinmetall survivability solutions that will be tailored to meet U.S. Department of Defense requirements. This new entity – Rheinmetall Shieldwall Advanced Technologies LLC (RSAT) – will be headquartered in Michigan and focus on active and passive protection for military ground vehicles.

Rheinmetall Protection Systems and Unified Business Technologies (UBT) of Troy, Michigan announces U.S. joint venture to provide U.S. survivability solutions / Photo: Rheinmetall AG

Rheinmetall and UBT first began working together in 2016 when the companies teamed to introduce Rheinmetall’s StrikeShield Active Protection System to the U.S. Army. StrikeShield is a Hard-Kill APS designed to defeat ATR, ATGM and other antiarmor threats. The system is less likely to be detected by adversaries and is safer for dismounts than currently fielded systems. It also offers unique performance advantages against close-in threats and volley fire attacks as compared to older launcher style APS. In addition, StrikeShield can be integrated as a modular design that combines Rheinmetall’s active and passive protection technologies in a single hybrid system to minimize weight and space requirements. Applications for the system to support KE-defeat of threats and to provide top-attack defense are under development.

Rheinmetall Protection Systems is extremely pleased to be working with UBT, commented Dr. Manfred Salk, President of Rheinmetall Protection Systems, adding, we look forward to building on what has been an excellent relationship as we launch this new U.S. joint venture. We will be transferring protection technologies, including APS software and our latest material characterization data from Germany to our JV, and establishing engineering and production capacities to enable us to better support U.S. customers in the fields of safety and armor and ensure StrikeShield and RPS have an enduring presence in the market.

UBT is excited to be taking this next step in our partnership with Rheinmetall, said Michelle D’Souza, UBT’s owner. We welcome the opportunity to provide their excellent protection products to our troops while also bringing more jobs to Michigan, she added.

Rheinmetall has specialized in the development and production of components and systems for the protection of personnel, vehicles, aircraft, ships and other assets for nearly 60 years. As a leading systems house for active and passive protection and Soft-Kill security solutions, Rheinmetall Protection Systems offers a broad product portfolio and industry leading expertise, all available from a single source. RSAT will operate in the U.S. alongside other Rheinmetall entities with longstanding presence and commitment in the market including American Rheinmetall Defense (Reston, VA), American Rheinmetall Vehicles (Sterling Heights, MI), American Rheinmetall Systems (Biddeford, ME) and American Rheinmetall Munitions (Stafford, VA, Camden, AR, and Windham, ME).

Unified Business Technologies, Inc. is an award-winning, woman-owned small business firm specializing in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics Manufacturing, Engineering, and Professional Support services for Federal and Commercial customers. UBT’s Engineering, Manufacturing, Development and Production (EMD&P) Division incorporates advanced manufacturing technologies in the production of electronic products with uncompromised quality. The company supports customers from initial product realization through sustainment, end of life, and obsolescence management.

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