SMi Group are pleased to present the Military PNT conference, which will convene virtually on the 19th – 20th October 2020.

Military PNT will host a range of presentations from both the commercial (NAVISP, UK GNSS) and military (GPS, NTS-3) graded capability, aiming to cover satellite navigation technology in depth, with topics such as PNT resilience, legal frameworks, a case study analysis on GNSS outages and how warfighters operate in denied and degraded environments.

Bringing together requirement officers, procurement officials, R&D scientists, operators and industry representatives, Military PNT is an essential date for all those in the field. 

Highlights of Military PNT:

·         Senior military briefings comprehensively covering GPS and NTS-3 programmes: highlighting the present and future of PNT.

·         Hear key updates from commercial solution providers building cutting edge technologies with international partners

·         Explore a diverse array of topics including PNT resilience, legal frameworks, case study analysis on GNSS outages and warfighter navigation requirements.

·         Understand how the UK’s PNT landscape will look in a post-Galileo environment

·         Engage with senior military, government and industry leaders from the PNT domain 

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